What Is Traffic Ticket School?

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Traffic ticket school is available to people who have committed minor driving offenses, such as speeding, illegal parking, or breaking other laws of the road. Most classes teach students basic information about how to drive safely while also providing information on local traffic laws and defensive driving. People who want to avoid some of the more serious consequences that tend to go along with various driving violations can occasionally do so by attending traffic ticket school. For most people, classes last for either one or two days and are generally not considered complete until tests covering all the basics are passed.

People who are interested in attending traffic ticket school for the purpose of reducing fines and other charges resulting from moving violations should initially contact their local courts to find out exactly how much it would benefit them. It may or may not be worth it to attend if the charges will not decrease by a large amount. In most cases, fines are not completely eliminated after traffic ticket school is complete, but they may be reduced by more than half. Sometimes points are taken off the records of people who attend, and this could reduce the likelihood of increases in insurance premiums, which are a common effect of most driving violations.


Traffic ticket school is not always offered up by public officials as an option for all drivers guilty of moving violations. People who are interested in going may have to contact ticket schools in their areas to find out what is necessary to enroll. Contacting a local court before attending is also important so people can find out how attending could help their driving records. After classes are completed and any necessary tests are passed, driving schools generally award people with certificates, which provide proof of attendance as well as successful completion of classes.

Those who have successfully completed driving classes may need to contact their local courts to let them know that they have mastered the necessary courses because most of these driving institutions do not report class completion to outside parties. It is also important for people who have attended traffic ticket school to keep in mind that they may not be able to attend again for another few years if they have future vehicle violations. Laws vary from area to area, but most cities do not allow back-to-back traffic school attendance.



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