What Is the Treatment for Low Blood Calcium?

There are numerous treatments for low blood calcium, some of them provided by medical experts, and others, simple life style changes. Some common medical solutions are prescription drugs, or procedures to treat what it is causing the problem. Some common changes in lifestyle tasks that can be made is to change what is ingested, and what is done, such as to stop smoking and get more exercise. Basically, when low blood calcium is present, the goal of any treatment plan is to bring the amounts of calcium within the body up to a safe level. This means that foods high in calcium should become part of the diet, as well as vitamin supplements, and if these do not work then prescription medication will be needed, along with locating and solving the problem associated with the low levels.

Suffering from low blood calcium is medically known as hypocalcemia, and it is a major factor that contributes to bone thickening as people age. Healthy green foods that contain vast amounts of natural nutrients, including calcium, will generally supply the amounts of calcium needed to increase the levels within the body, which also increases the levels within the blood. Other common foods that can increase calcium levels are red beans, seaweed, sardines, salmon, and other sea fish and basic small fish, as long as they have bones in them. Dairy products are also a great source of calcium that can be used, as long as the ones with high amounts of fat are avoided. Two other food items that can be used to help reduce and eliminate low blood calcium are fruits, including natural fruit juices with low amounts of added sugars and flavorings.

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that can be ingested when low blood calcium levels are found. This can be obtained from numerous foods, vitamin supplements, and even the rays from the sun. This vitamin helps the body absorb calcium, and it is itself absorbed by the stored fat cells within the body. By increasing the levels of vitamin D within the body, the calcium in the blood increases, which can effectively reduce the problems associated with this medical condition. Of course, when using supplements or sunlight, it is necessary to do so in small amounts to avoid an overdose from supplements, and damage from ultraviolet rays.


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