What Is the Sex Diet?

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The sex diet is not a true diet as the word "diet" does not relate to food, but it does promote various degrees of weight loss if done often. Experts have discovered that all of the phases of sex, from kissing to intercourse, and everything in between, burns calories. It is claimed that during an average sexual encounter, 50 to 200 calories can be burned. If the recommendations of this diet are followed and couples copulate three to five times a week, the calories lost add up fairly quickly. The sex diet is an all around weight loss and health improvement program that will show results within a very short period of time.

As with any other type of diet that includes physical activity, the sex diet not only promotes weight loss, but offers various other health benefits. Eliminating depression is one major health benefit from sex, as well as increasing life expectancy. A healthy sexual relationship will usually include different levels of intimacy, which has been shown in numerous studies to prolong the life of people that experience it. Of course, there is room for debate here because other studies show that intimacy has no affect on the average lifespan. No matter which viewpoint a person chooses to believe, the truth is that an increased sex life raises the levels of health within the mind and the body.


The sex diet, which once again means to have sex on a regular basis, is also responsible for building and toning muscles. Almost every muscle in the human body is used during a normal sexual encounter, and the longer that it lasts, the more toned the muscles will become. Basically, this type of exercise can be compared to isometric workouts which are simply acts that build muscle without using weights. Different positions work different muscles, so it is recommended to experiment in order to maximize the muscle usage, which in turn increases the amount of muscles that are built and toned.

Cardiovascular system workouts are great for the body, especially for the heart and respiratory system. The health benefits from the sex diet can be varied in this aspect, as well as when toning muscles. More rigorous sex will cause a rapid increase in the heart rate, opening the lungs and making them work. On the other hand, going slow and being in control keeps the heart rate level, allowing the muscles to work longer, and increasing the amount of calories that can be lost. Depending upon how sex is performed, and what is preferred by the person, it is possible to gain an advanced cardiovascular workout while losing excess weight and gaining muscle.



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