What Is the Role of Human Resource Management?

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The role of human resource management is related to its value in the management of the sum of the issues relating to the employees in an organization. Human resources is a result of the attempt by the management of organizations to effectively manage the human component of their businesses. Employees are an integral part of every organization, and the scope of human resource management is to properly channel this great resource. To this end, some of the responsibilities included in the role of human resource management are managing the details pertaining to the recruitment of employees, issues relating to their compensation, training, welfare and motivation.

One of the core duties entailed in role of human resource management is handling the recruitment of the necessary human capital required to run the organization in effective manner. This means developing a plan that outlines the manner in which the employees will be selected, such as setting standard tests and interview criteria. They must also identify the areas in the organization where the services of workers are needed and a full description of the types of employees as well as a list of their duties. During the interview process, the human resource team will follow up with the candidates in order to inform both the successful and unsuccessful ones of their decision. If further tests are required, the department will inform the candidates about this, including when the tests will be held.


During the natural progression of duties, the human resource department will arrange for any further training that the selected employees might require. They must conduct any necessary orientation that may be required for the employees to fit into the organization. Once the employees have settled down to work, the department will monitor them in order to effectively conduct a periodic assessment of their performance in relation to their responsibilities. If it is necessary to reassign any employee to a position where his or her capabilities will be better utilized, the department will also undertake the duty.

Another part of the scope of the role of human resource management is making plans related to the welfare of the employees. As such, they must come up with a plan that will address the needs of employees, including features like insurance and work safety. The department must also ensure that the organization complies with applicable labor practices in relation to the rights of employees and their unions.



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