What is the Proper Method of Lawn Sprinkler Installation?

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There are many reasons to investigate lawn sprinkler installation: reduce time and energy spent on watering, greater timing flexibility, large property, and desire for a consistent lawn. There are two types of lawn sprinklers: above ground and below ground. An above ground system is typically a set of independent sprinkler units tied to the water tap. These sprinklers must be manually set and adjusted. A below ground system is installed under the grass and top soil, and can be set to turn on and off automatically.

The proper method of lawn sprinkler installation has three parts: sprinkler head location planning, water source identification, and digging. Most people hire a lawn sprinkler firm to complete this type of work. Look for a professional firm with a good reputation and ask for a quote for installation and maintenance. Many firms provide an annual maintenance contract that includes turning the water on and off with the seasons, and adjusting the system as required.


The first step in lawn sprinkler installation is to create a complete map of the lawn, including surrounding buildings, sidewalks, and flower beds. The map should also include indicators of water sources, run-off, and drainage. The selection of the sprinkler head size is based on the number of outlets to be installed, the size of the lawn, and the force of the water. For example, a residential lawn may require the use of several smaller sprinkler heads than a commercial property, since there are restrictions on the force of water that can be used.

Identification of the water sources to be used is very important. If all the sprinklers are to be run off of one primary water source, it has a significant impact on the layout of the sprinklers, as they must all access the same water pipe or hose. The climate of the region is also an important consideration. Access to turn the water on and off with the seasons may be necessary, depending on the location of the property.

The water pipes and sprinkler heads must be installed at the correct depth under the top soil to ensure the sprinkler heads are completely hidden when not in use. When digging into the ground, it is important not to place water pipes over other cables or systems, as this may cause service or maintenance issues. Talk with the lawn sprinkler installation firm in advance and review the detailed plan before approving digging.

The primary purpose of a lawn sprinkler is to provide consistent water to the grass on the lawn. Grass has short roots and is not able to easily access water located well below the surface. When grass does not receive enough water, it turns brown and dies. Many people find a lush, bright green lawn attractive and are willing to invest the time and effort required to maintain the grass.



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