What Is the Pet Industry?

The term "pet industry" would include all the collected businesses around the world that make money by providing things for people’s pets. This could potentially include everything from pet healthcare to food and supplies. It is considered a fairly large industry and, overall, experts believe that people see it as an essential need, which may help the industry weather economic difficulties more easily than other areas of the economy.

One of the primary aspects of the pet industry is pet-oriented healthcare. This has several different facets, including veterinary services, research, and medications for pet illnesses. There are also many preventative products on the market designed to keep pets from developing problems along with herbal remedies and other health supplies.

Another key part of the pet industry is related to food. All pets generally need to be fed, and each type of pet may have very different food requirements. Products in the pet food industry are often targeted at specific animals, or even different products for animals at different points in their lives. For example, there is dog food that is primarily for elderly dogs, and dog food made for puppies. There are also foods made entirely of natural products with no additives for owners who worry more about their pet’s nutrition.

Pet supplies are another major part of the pet industry, and this could include products with many different potential uses, some of which are essential, while others may be viewed as luxuries. For example, there are products like cages and aquariums that are basically essential for keeping certain types of pets, and there are also products like dog beds that may not be essential, but are still generally very popular. A huge variety of pet products is already on the market and people invent new products constantly, sometimes providing people with pet-related items they never knew they would enjoy.

Many economic experts believe that the pet industry is one of the most stable industries around. Studies have shown that even during times of economic trouble, people still tend to consider their pets to be a high priority, and they still often spend significant money on their animals. Some pet-related products, such as various supplies, do not fare quite as well, but overall, the industry tends to hold up. This is thought to be partly because people see their animals as an extension of their families.


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Is the sale of pets part of the overall pet industry? That would seem to be the case at pet stores do get a substantial amount of revenue by selling pets to people (granted, they probably make more selling pet supplies, food, equipment and treats). If so, it would seem puppy mills -- a callous attempt to mass produce dogs so they can be sold for a profit -- make up the ugly side of that business.

By the way, anyone wanting a dog would do well to visit a local pound or adopt a mutt. There are a lot of dogs that need good homes and not all of them are purebred. Besides, mutts are extremely unique.

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