What is the Organic Food Diet?

Eating an organic food diet entails eating vegetables that have not been genetically engineered or cultivated by using pesticides and insecticides. Organic food also deals with meat that has been produced without the use of antibiotics and has been grass-fed or lived in a "free range" style. Another important component of the organic food diet is eating food that has not been thoroughly processed. The purpose of eating an organic food diet is to become healthier and get an abundance of nutrients from the food that is consumed.

The majority of the regular food supply has been genetically engineered. Corn, soybeans, and several other plants are produced almost entirely from genetically engineered seeds. When farmers use seeds that have not been genetically engineered in any way, this is referred to as organic farming. Several studies have shown that genetically engineered food has long-term health effects on the human body and many people would prefer to eat organic vegetables instead because of this.

Another aspect of organic farming is that the farmers try to avoid using pesticides or insecticides. In regular farming methods, these products are commonly used to keep pests off the crops. When this is done, humans end up consuming a lot of the chemicals that are used as well. These products can have negative effects on the human body in the long term. By eating an organic food diet, individuals can avoid these dangerous chemicals and stay healthy.


When individuals who eat an organic food diet eat meat, the animals have to have been raised in a certain manner. For example, with beef, cows have to have been grass fed and raised without antibiotics. If chickens are to be consumed, they have to be "free range" chickens, which means they were allowed to roam and eat a natural diet.

The main purpose of eating this type of diet is so individuals can be healthier overall. Many people who start eating an organic food diet start to lose weight and report feeling much better. This type of diet can lead to increased immunity as well as help prevent serious diseases. Eating an organic diet has become more popular in society today and organic foods are becoming more readily available to the masses.



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