What is the LighterLife Diet?

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Mainly available in the United Kingdom, the LighterLife Diet is a low-calorie, restrictive diet designed for people who have body mass indexes (BMIs) over 25. On this diet, a person gives up eating conventional meals. Instead, he consumes special meal replacement shakes, called food packs, that he gets from his local LighterLife center. In addition to these shakes, which are low in calories, a person on the LighterLife Diet is allowed to eat one regular meal per day. He also attends weekly diet support group meetings at his local LighterLife center.

The goal of the LighterLife Diet is to change the way glucose, also called blood sugar, is processed in the body. When a person eats conventional meals, his body’s main use of glucose is for energy. When he engages in the extreme calorie restriction necessary with this diet, the body is said to switch to burning stored and consumed fat for energy rather than glucose. This switch is supposed to facilitate weight loss faster than some other diet methods. It may also help to suppress a person’s appetite after he’s been on the diet for a significant time period.


Besides the meal replacement shakes a person drinks on the LighterLife Diet, he is allowed to drink coffee or tea. People on this diet plan are also allowed to consume broth made from LighterLife broth sachets. Water is important on this diet as well, and people are encouraged to drink plenty of it. Additionally, dieters can mix special flavorings into their water. These water flavorings are intended to not only make the water taste better but also to add fiber to the diet.

An individual on the LighterLife Diet is only allowed one regular meal per day. It’s important, however, that this single meal doesn’t contain too many calories. The LighterLife dieter isn’t on his own in deciding what to eat, however. LighterLife provides the dieter with a weight management counselor who explains which foods the dieter should eat. Everything the dieter needs to eat is usually available from a typical grocery store.

The LighterLife Diet also includes weekly, same-sex meetings. The groups are usually small, with up to 12 people per group, and the atmosphere is said to be friendly. The meetings include weight checks, selection of food packs, discussions of the causes of overeating, and chats with other members. This is intended to support dieters through the weight-loss process.



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