What is the Facial Workout?

The Facial Workout is a series of facial exercises designed by physical fitness trainer Tal Reinhardt. The concept behind the Facial Workout is to strengthen and tone facial muscles through a series of exercises. These exercises are believed to reduce wrinkles, tone facial muscles, and contribute to a younger and healthier appearance.

There are several different exercises included in a Facial Workout series. These exercises target the eyes, neck, forehead, jaw, lips, and chin. The specific exercises that are part of the Facial Workout are available for a fee. While many people believe in the Facial Workout, there is some debate as to whether or not this type of workout is effective at reducing wrinkles and tightening skin.

Some skin experts argue that continuously partaking in a facial workout will contribute to additional lines and wrinkles. This theory is based upon the fact that loose skin can appear aged and tired. By completing a series of facial workouts on a regular basis, a person may actually loosen facial skin. Still, neither theory has been scientifically proven.

Many medical doctors are quick to point out that while some facial exercises may help to reduce wrinkles, when exercises are done incorrectly, these movements may increase wrinkles. Frequently, massage therapists perform certain facial exercises on patients in order to release facial tension, and this application is thought to promote health and youthfulness. Likewise, licensed medical nurses may provide a series of facial exercises to people who suffer from various facial deformities and complications such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Before deciding to partake in any kind of facial exercise routine, it is wise to speak with a licensed medical doctor. In fact, some doctors may be able to provide certain patients with specific facial exercises that won't harm the skin. These exercises do not include any incorrect facial movements, which many home facial workout routines may encourage.

Whether or not partaking in a series of facial exercises is a good idea is largely debatable. In addition to the possible benefit of facial exercises, it is important to protect facial skin from sun, wind, and other damaging elements by wearing sunblock on a regular basis. Some medical professional suggest avoiding sleeping on one side of the face or excessively touching the face.


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