What is the Environmental Health Council?

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The Environmental Health Council is a non-profit organization that works towards protecting the public from environmental toxins. This organization attempts to educate the public regarding toxins, environmental damage, and health hazards. Some of the main topics that the Environmental Health Council focuses on include the use of pesticides, air quality, and park safety.

It is the stance of the Environmental Health Council that there are many different health hazards strewn throughout the globe. Some of these hazards impact the population as a whole, while others only affect certain populations. Essentially, the types of environmental health problems that humans face can be split into two categories: poverty-related health problems and modern health problems.

Poverty issues include dirty drinking water, lack of sanitation, misuse and improper disposal of household waste, and hazards within a workplace. Modern health concerns include water pollution, waste pollution, air pollution, chemical hazards, deforestation, and climate change. Eliminating these environmental health concerns from the earth requires great collaboration by various groups of people.

Not only does the Environmental Health Council work with the general public, but this organization must also work with construction crews, developers, industry giants, country leaders, and many others. In order to effectively eliminate all possible environmental hazards from the earth, every person living on the earth must take part in this movement.


While the Environmental Health Council is a relatively new outfit, founded in 2002, many steps have already been taken to increase public awareness. The Local Pesticide Free Parks Campaign in Los Angeles is one example of ways in which this organization has begun to change the environment. This campaign has effectively convinced the California government to cease using toxic pesticides in parks.

Even though the Environmental Health Council has a long way to go before the environment can be considered safe and non-toxic, the simple establishment of this organization is a step in the right direction. The council aims to begin educating children as to the impact that they will have on the environment in the future, with the hopes that environmental health will no longer be a concern in years to come.

In essence, the health council is largely a small organization that aims to become a large environmental protector. This organization separates itself from other, similar, groups by acting to work with both industries and individuals towards creating a safer earth. Those wishing to take part in this movement can contact the council directly via their website.



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