What is the Eat-Clean Diet?

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Designed by Tosca Reno, the eat-clean diet focuses on healthy eating habits where the dieter consumes lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. On this diet, calories are not counted and six reasonably-portioned meals are eaten each day. This approach can be followed by vegetarians or vegans and it can also help regulate blood sugar which can make it a good diet for those with diabetes. One primary reason dieters follow this particular diet, however, is because it can help stimulate metabolism and therefore weight loss.

Clean eating relies on a variety of principles. One main principle is to eat six meals a day. Eating consistently throughout the day is believed to create a consistent metabolism, which in turn promotes a healthy and trim body. On the other hand, avoiding food for long periods of time often slows metabolism which can result in sluggishness and weight gain. Under the clean eating plan, if a person eats every couple of hours, that can help to burn fat.

Another principle of the eat-clean diet focuses on what types of food the dieter should eat. Whole grains should be selected over processed and chemically-enhanced foods. Lean proteins and complex carbohydrates should be eaten at each meal. Fats shouldn't be altogether avoided, but fat intake should come from healthy fats such as fish, healthy oils, nuts, seeds, and grains. Finally, hydration by drinking plenty of water each day is also important under this diet.


On the other hand, the eat-clean diet also identifies the types of foods to avoid. This includes white flour, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, and saturated and trans fats. A person using the clean eating method will usually stay clear or minimize the intake of alcohol, as well. In fact, foods with minimal or no nutritional food value should be avoided altogether.

The eat-clean diet may help dieters stabilize their metabolism and lose weight. Additionally, blood sugar levels may stabilize as a result of following this particular course of eating. On a more superficial level, hair and skin might also benefit and develop a healthier appearance. It is important to remember, however, that results by following this particular diet, as is the case with most diets, vary.



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