What is the Cure for Tennis Elbow?

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Usually, the best cure for tennis elbow is for people to simply let it heal over time. While waiting for recovery, the person is generally asked to rest, and he or she may need to take anti-inflammatory pain medications. It’s also common for people to use heat and ice alternately as treatments. Another cure for tennis elbow is surgical repair of the tendons involved, but that is only used in very severe cases that won’t heal on their own. Prevention is generally considered one of the best methods of dealing with tennis elbow, and that can often involve learning safer body mechanics for repetitive activities.

Tennis elbow causes a lot of pain around a person’s outer elbow, and the pain tends to be worse when people are trying to perform certain activities. Despite the fact that it hurts in the elbow, the injury is actually caused by movements in the wrist. Any activity that puts stress on the wrist or requires intense wrist motions can potentially cause tennis elbow.


Many people who play tennis do get tennis elbow, but it’s not actually the most common way to suffer the injury. Daily activities like carrying things or using tools are actually more common ways for people to get hurt, partly because there are a lot more people doing those things than playing tennis. According to some people, the best cure for tennis elbow is simply prevention. Experts suggest that following good biomechanical practices while doing things with the wrist is often all that’s required to avoid aggravating the tendons. Even so, once someone has a bout with tennis elbow, he is generally much more likely to suffer the injury again, and those people may have to take special precautions in the future.

Many experts suggest that rest and time are a fairly decent cure for tennis elbow, and this can usually be done at home without the aid of a doctor. This is only true, however, for people who have had tennis elbow at some point in the past. Those people will usually be able to recognize the symptoms, and they will know what to do in order to treat it. Other people who suddenly develop elbow pain may be better served by visiting a doctor, just to make sure that it’s tennis elbow they’re suffering from and to get some basic medical advice about how to avoid future problems.



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