What is the Crown Chakra?

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The crown chakra is the highest of the seven chakras that serve as focal points of energy on the body. It represents the individual's connection with the universe and is the point where the individual joins the cosmic. When the chakra is in balance, the individual is one with the universe and can access knowledge on a higher level. As this is the highest chakra, the individual must work on maintaining a balance within the other chakras before seeking enlightenment through the crown chakra.

Every chakra governs a part or system of the body, and the crown chakra is responsible for the brain and nervous system. It is located at the very top of the head, and consequently can be stimulated in areas of similar height, such as on mountains. Meditation is also a popular way to connect with the universal through stimulation of the crown chakra.


Purple is considered the color of the first chakra, which is also known as Sahasrara. Dressing or being surrounded by this color can help in the meditation of the crown chakra, and some individuals use colored gemstones positioned at the top of the head to further enhance the energy flowing through the body from the universe. A wide variety of gemstones can be used, although purple amethyst and quartz are among the most popular. Occasionally, diamonds may also be used in these focus exercises. Gemstones and clothing can be illustrated with the symbol of the crown chakra, which is a circle surrounded by 1,000 lotus petals.

The crown chakra can typically exist in only two different states: open or closed. When the chakra is open, the individual is connected to the world around him or her and receptive to the energy and messages from the universe and the aura of others. When it is closed, the individual is separated from the oneness of the universe. He or she may also develop emotional symptoms such as depression, loneliness, and general feelings of indifference to the world and to others. Physical ailments such as migraines may develop.

Those seeking spiritual enlightenment often concentrate on opening the crown chakra. This allows them to establish a spiritual connection with the universe, as well as to discover psychic abilities that would otherwise remain dormant with a closed chakra. Key to developing this chakra are quiet, peaceful surroundings free of distraction; this allows the individual to concentrate on the spiritual world around them rather than the physical one. Meditation and head massage are among the most effective ways of opening this chakra, which results in a feeling of acceptance and oneness with the universe.



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