What Is the Connection between Organizational Leadership and Management?

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A key connection between organizational leadership and management is that both practices must be geared towards the mission of the organization in order to be effective. Often organizational leaders are also in management roles, and while these two responsibilities require different qualities, they must also interact well in order for either of them to be handled effectively. Another strong connection is that for both leadership and management to be effective, an individual must be influential.

Organizational leadership and management both depend upon the trust of employees in order to succeed. In both roles, it is essential to demonstrate ability, good judgment, and a deep understanding of the organization’s mission. A key difference is that the leadership aspects of a position may include adopting an inspirational tone while management tasks frequently require a more immediately practical approach.

Another connection between organizational leadership and management is the role they both play in reaching organizational goals. Leadership qualities are necessary in order to envision the future of the organization and to determine a strong strategy for reaching goals. Management takes those insights and incorporates them into a practical plan. In essence, leadership determines how to proceed and management moves workers in that direction.


There is also an important workforce connection between organizational leadership and management. In essence, managers provide the bridge between leaders and the rest of the workforce. Without each other, there would be a gap separating leaders and their team because it is likely that the two parties would not have the mutual understanding necessary to functional well together.

Another connection between organizational leadership and management is the importance of understanding the reality of a given situation. Both roles require the adoption of a practical viewpoint when making decisions. The difference is that an individual in a leadership role formulates and dictates the idea, while the manager must communicate it to workers and ensure that it is pursued effectively.

When leadership and management responsibilities are both held by one individual, it can be useful to establish what each role requires. Part of this involves understanding the ways in which the two roles intersect. Even more importantly, it is wise to determine how the roles differ because these differences can be dramatic. In order to both lead and manage, it can be useful to think of the two responsibilities as separate jobs, despite the connections between them, in order to perform both roles effectively.



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