What is the Connection Between Hypertension and Heart Failure?

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Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Hypertension has a direct correlation with heart disease. Over time, high blood pressure causes the arteries to become blocked, which makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood. Additionally, the potential of blood clots from hypertension and heart failure can lead to strokes and death.

Blood pressure is the measurement of blood flow between the heart and arteries. When blood pressure becomes too high, the walls of the arteries become clogged with fatty tissue. This reduces the flow of blood throughout the body and causes increased blood pressure.

Hypertension has a direct relationship to coronary artery disease. High blood pressure causes the deterioration of arteries within the human body. This is known as a silent killer because an individual typically does not feel any pain from artery decay until it is too late.

High blood pressure also has a negative effect on other organs within the body. Hypertension affects the amount of blood oxygen that is transmitted throughout the body. This blood flow is essential for proper brain and kidneys functions. An individual suffering from hypertension and heart failure symptoms should always seek medical advice.


Unfortunately, it is hard to detect high blood pressure. This is because there are no symptoms felt by patients suffering from this condition. An individual may only realize he has hypertension after he has had a heart attack. Hypertension and heart failure victims typically do not realize they have an issue until they feel heart failure symptoms.

Most doctors recommend all adults have annual blood pressure checks. This is a preventative measure designed to catch the early onset of hypertension. If high blood pressure is caught early enough, it can be managed with both diet and medicine.

Hypertension and heart failure can also cause an enlarged heart. This is because high blood pressure causes the heart to work harder, which makes it grow larger. An individual with an enlarged heart is more susceptible to a heart attack because his heart pumps slower and is less efficient.

Scientists have determined that hypertension and heart failure can be hereditary. Unfortunately, hereditary hypertension typically requires medicine for control. If an individual has both parents suffering with hypertension, it is likely he will also suffer from this condition.

If an individual suffers from hypertension he should strive for a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that people can control hypertension better with healthy eating habits and physical activity. Refraining from smoking, drinking, and excessive stress is the best prescription for hypertension and heart failure victims.



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