What Is the Connection between Health and Personal Hygiene?

The connection between health and personal hygiene can be direct or indirect. For example, brushing one’s teeth on a twice-daily basis can help prevent infections that can be fatal if not treated. On the other hand, hand washing lessens the amount of germs on a person’s hands and helps prevent the spreading of those germs, leading to a safer and healthier environment for everyone nearby. Another example of the connection between health and personal hygiene is how hair products can lead to acne or irritation rashes.

Cleaning one’s teeth is very important, but statistics indicate that few people brush their teeth as often or as long as they should. People who have poor oral hygiene can develop a gum disease that eventually leaves them without teeth. An oral disease can also affect the bones of the jaw or lead to infection. It is possible for people to die from an infected tooth or gum, so this connection between health and personal hygiene is directly linked. Aside from brushing and flossing regularly, it is generally recommended that people visit their dentist every six months for a checkup.


Frequent hand washing helps prevent the spread of germs that make people sick. Sometimes hand washing is also required by law, which is usually the case for people who handle food at work. Proper hand washing consists of using warm water and soap while gently scrubbing the hands together for at least 30 seconds. Specialized brushes can be employed to deal with dirt and germs that often get trapped underneath the fingernails. The hands should be dried on a clean cloth, and in some cases the person should try not to touch anything besides what he or she washed his or hands for, such as food.

A person’s hair products and grooming methods can affect his or her skin health. For example, many hair products rub against the skin when applied to long hair, causing acne by clogging pores or producing rashes if the person’s skin is irritated by the product. Keeping the hair away from the face can help relieve these problems, but so can choosing products more carefully or applying them less frequently. Sometimes applying the product to only certain areas of the hair that usually do not come into contact with the skin often also helps. Due to these connections between health and personal hygiene, hair care can be very important, especially if a person has long hair and sensitive skin.



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