What Is the Connection between Depression and Motivation?

There is a definite connection between depression and motivation, and it is experienced by nearly everyone suffering from depression, from mild to severe. A lack of motivation is one of the most common symptoms of depression; while it does need to be accompanied by other symptoms, such as persistent feelings of sadness, it is still a frequent indicator. This connection between depression and motivation can be extremely detrimental, however, because a person may not be able to find the motivation to seek treatment for his or her depressive symptoms. This can cause them to get worse over time, and potentially even lead to thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

A lack of motivation can be characterized by a few different things. First, people feeling a lack of motivation may find it difficult to complete tasks at work or at home. They may also lose interest in hobbies they used to enjoy; for instance, someone who used to like painting or practicing the guitar may no longer see any need to practice these activities. Depression and motivation issues are often accompanied by extreme fatigue, making it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning, sometimes frustratingly accompanied by an inability to fall asleep at night.


As mentioned above, this connection between depression and motivation can be dangerous for an individual suffering from depression. It can make it less likely that a person will seek help for his or her symptoms, by visiting a medical doctor or a psychologist. If the depression feelings persist and become worse, the lack of motivation increases, making it less and less likely that a person will seek help when he needs to the most. This can lead to self-harm or suicidal thoughts in some people.

It is important for everyone to recognize the connection between depression and motivation so that they may offer help or encouragement to someone suffering from depression. Though some people are able to force themselves to keep going at work or to seek help, others find it to be virtually impossible, and need the extra support from friends. A combined treatment of therapy and medication can generally help people suffering from depression, though it can take some time. Others find that adding exercise to a treatment regimen, despite the difficulty inherent in a lack of motivation, is a great way to supplement therapy and medication and help to lessen depression symptoms.



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