What is the Connection Between Biotin and Hair?

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Biotin and hair are often connected by the occurrence of alopecia, or hair loss. Biotin, sometimes referred to as B7 or vitamin H, is a water-soluble B-complex that can be found in a number of foods such as bananas, egg yolks, and salmon. This B-complex is important to cell growth, and a deficiency in it, though rare, is said to be one of the causes of hair loss.

This vitamin is an essential nutrient for the overall health of the body. Biotin is necessary to the creation of glucose and fatty acids, helps the body metabolize proteins and fats, and assists in keeping the body energized. Although the body naturally creates low doses of biotin within the intestinal tract, muscle tissues, and liver, most people get their daily dose through food products like liver and nuts, as well as in certain cereals and legumes.

For those who follow a healthy diet, biotin deficiency is rare. In some cases, however, unusual diets, metabolic disorders, and certain medications can all lead to an underproduction or under-absorption of this vitamin. When this occurs, many feel that the lack of biotin and hair loss go hand-in-hand. A deficiency may also cause hair to become overly fine or brittle, and it is thought that it may also contribute to premature graying.


Since many have begun to make a connection between biotin and hair loss, supplementation has become increasingly popular. In addition to food sources, biotin can be found in a variety of multivitamins, lozenges, and capsules. Some suggest that up to 2,500 mcg a day may be consumed with no known problems. Others recommend a smaller dose of 300 mcg, however, to reap the benefits of this vitamin.

To bridge the gap between a deficiency in biotin and hair loss, many have also turned to beauty and hygiene products. For instance, shampoo and conditioners that contain biotin, as well as a number of other essential hair nutrients, are thought to help increase growth, thicken and strengthen existing hair, and moisturize the scalp. Other hair products, such as gel and oil, are also thought to boost the elasticity of hair strands and increase the size of cuticles, making hair appear fuller and stronger.



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