What Is the Connection between a Good Workplace and Job Satisfaction?

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The relationship between a good workplace and job satisfaction refers to the various ways in which a good workplace impacts the perception of employees about their jobs as well as the attendant effects such a perception has on their performance and output. In the first place, the impact of a good workplace and job satisfaction can be seen in the general atmosphere in the place of work where the moral may be high if the conditions are perceived to be good, or low if the opposite is the case. The concept of job satisfaction seeks to describe the various indices that point to a state of contentment or acceptance of the conditions attached to any job by the employee performing the job. Such satisfaction may not be tied to very high pay or other remuneration only, because even people who are paid very well may lack general job satisfaction.


One of the reasons why employees may lack job satisfaction might be due to the fact that such employees may not be happy with the corporate culture in place in the organization. This connection between a good workplace and job satisfaction can be seen in the case of an organization where women are excluded from the top positions in the company. In such an organization, the percentage of women at the highest management positions might be disproportionate to the general percentage of women in that organization, or even in that industry. Where this is the case, some of the more ambitious women might feel that their organization does not present them with a good and equitable workplace, leading to feelings of job dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, if the women feel that the organization is equitable in its promotion of both women and men, this will be reflected in their perception of the organization as a good workplace, resulting in high job satisfaction. An outcome of a feeling of job satisfaction among employees is a state of sustained high morale, something that will lead such employees to naturally go beyond the call of duty in the performance of their duties, merely because they enjoy their jobs. If the employees do not have any job satisfaction, they will also lack any sense of loyalty, and the company will suffer in terms of decreased output since the employees will only do what they have to do and no more.



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