What is the Bootcamp Workout?

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The bootcamp workout is a total-body workout that combines low-impact aerobic exercise with strength training to give the body maximum results in a short amount of time. Most people consider each exercise to be relatively simple — there are no hard-to-learn dance steps or intense high-impact moves involved. Exercises utilize most of the major muscle groups instead of isolating a few muscles at a time. Some bootcamp workout exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and jumping rope. Fast and effective results for quick weight loss and muscle toning have contributed to the growing popularity of bootcamp workouts.

Bootcamp workouts were inspired by the training workouts developed in the armed forces. These military-style workouts have been devised to help get soldiers, airmen, Marines, and seamen into top shape in a short amount of time. Fitness experts began taking notice at the results that were being achieved and began putting together routines that mimicked the original workouts. As a result, the bootcamp workout has grown into a regimen that can be found worldwide.


The concept to this type of workout is basic and does not require expensive equipment. Bootcamp workouts are effective because they utilize all major muscle groups at the same time to complete the exercise. By using all of the major muscle groups, the body burns calories faster than other workouts. Exercises such as running or swimming only use a few muscle groups at a time. The body can grow used to the repetitive motion of these few muscles, therefore making the workout less effective over time.

Most bootcamp workouts include several different types of exercises that focus on large muscle groups of the body, as well as the core or abdominal area. The workout routines are designed to continually change motion to help work all muscle groups. Most frequently used exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, planks, stomach crunches, and jumping rope. By adding weights for more resistance, the results can be achieved even faster.

To appeal to the masses, modified versions of the bootcamp workout have emerged over the years. Some exercisers prefer more variety than the hardcore muscle training that the original bootcamp workout provides. Because of this, new modified workouts incorporate additional cardiovascular movements, such as running in place, jumping jacks, kicking, and punching. New types of strength equipment have also been added, which include medicine balls and kettle bells. Even at different fitness levels, modifications to the exercises can be made to ensure that this workout is safe for anyone.



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