What is the Best Way to Use a Curling Iron?

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The best way to use a curling iron depends on the type of style it is being used to achieve and the type of curling iron itself. Proper care and maintenance are also important in ensuring that the curling iron doesn’t break or malfunction, which can pose safety hazards in addition to just the hassle of replacing the appliance. As the hair styling tools used by professionals typically differ from those sold in drugstores, whether or not the person using the curling iron is a professional hair stylist is also an important factor in determining the best way to use the appliance.

To achieve a natural wavy hair style, the best way to use a curling iron is to separate the hair into sections and wind just the tips around the barrel of the curling iron. Running the hands through the hair and tousling the roots will also enhance the naturalness of the waves. In order to achieve tight, spiral curls, the best way to use a curling iron is to wrap thin sections of hair from the base of the barrel all the way up to the tip. This will create bouncy “corkscrew” curls, which are best achieved using a thin-barrel curling iron. There are special types of spiral curling irons available that feature ridges to help wind the curls around the barrel in even sections.


To use a curling iron for straightening the hair, first choose one with a large barrel that can hold large sections of hair. On a low to medium heat setting, clamp a section of hair at the roots and gently pull downward to the tips of the hair before releasing. To keep the upper layers of the hair that have already been straightened out of the way, secure them to the crown of the head using a jaw clip. This will allow easier access to the underlying layers of hair so that they can also be straightened.

Wrapping the cord around the curling iron to store it should be avoided, as this can cause the wires in the cord to break, which can cause the curling iron to malfunction. Using hairspray and other styling products around the curling iron should also be avoided, as they can collect around the barrel of the iron and cause build-up which then hinders the functionality of the appliance. Professional hairstylists should use a curling iron that heats quickly but is also cool to the touch, in order to prevent accidental burns to the client.



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