What is the Best Way to Learn Aerobics?

Aerobics is a form of exercise that works a large number of muscles in the body at one time and typically involves repetitive movement. Some forms of aerobics include bicycling, jumping rope, swimming and fitness walking. While they may seem simple enough, doing them the proper way can result in getting the most out of the exercise.

Taking beginner classes is a great way to learn aerobics. The instructor will teach the proper form and movements to do the exercise properly. In addition, everyone is in the same boat so potential embarrassment can be minimal. Learning from someone who is certified and has been doing it for a long time can also help prevent doing the exercises the wrong way and causing damage to the body.

Reading articles in magazines and on the Internet can be advantageous for getting more insight on the newest techniques and developments of the various forms of aerobic exercise. Being up to date with the latest information about how the body reacts to different aerobic exercises, who the best instructors are and the newest ways to do movements can help get the best results. In order to learn aerobics, it is important to know as much as possible to find the best way to go about doing it.


Watching exercise programs or renting DVDs is an excellent way to learn aerobics at home. After taking several classes, keeping fresh with the exercise at home can be a cheaper option for those who are on a tight budget. Typically, exercise programs are already included in the television package deal or in with the DVD rental service.

Asking for advice on proper technique can help make it easier to learn aerobics. If interested in a particular form of aerobics, ask those who practice it the best way to get started and for some helpful tips. This can be invaluable information for avoiding pitfalls before getting started. If asking an instructor isn't possible, ask someone who knows a substantial amount of information on the subject.

It is vital to pay attention to the body and go slow from the beginning. Pushing too hard can cause injury or damage. Taking time to learn aerobics the proper way can help produce the desired results. In addition, consider getting involved with more than one type of aerobics to add some variety to the exercise routine.



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Some aerobics, like water aerobics, are easier to learn than other types. In water aerobics, if you kick the wrong way or something, your feet are underwater and no one can see.

I found step aerobics to be by far the most difficult kind to learn. Unless the instructor had her back to me and was telegraphing the moves the whole time, I always felt I was about a step behind everyone else.

A DVD is probably the best way to learn aerobics, in my opinion. If you get lost, you can always go back to where you messed up so you can watch the moves carefully and catch up.

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