What is the Best Indigestion Treatment?

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Many people prefer natural remedies for indigestion treatment, such as herbal teas. Ginger root has been known to help ease many stomach ailments and can work well on its own or mixed with lemon and honey. Another good indigestion treatment remedy can be made by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice into one cup of warm water. For those who prefer a quick remedy that can be store-bought, there are many antacid liquids that have special ingredients for helping symptoms of indigestion.

For those who need to have relief on the go, antacid tablets that are easy to carry can be stored in a purse or pocket. These tablets are often in chewable form. Tablets can also provide relief from indigestion and bloating if they have a supplemental ingredient such as simethicone.

Stress and indigestion, or anxiety and indigestion, can be controlled by modifying one's behavior, especially during mealtime. Often, the best solution for indigestion is to avoid a common aspect that is causing it. In the case of nervous indigestion, the individual should eat slowly in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.


One remedy or well-known indigestion treatment that has been used for generations is a mixture of baking soda and water. Mixing equal parts and drinking the solution at the earliest signs of indigestion should bring relief. The active ingredient of bicarbonate of soda neutralizes stomach acid contents and works on heartburn, which is often associated with indigestion.

Some individuals prefer to sprinkle a handful of cumin seeds into a glass of water for relief. This can be an effective indigestion treatment. This remedy is also effective for gas and bloating. Alternately, cumin tea can be used to treat indigestion symptoms. For yet another option, ginger tea can be a good aid as well.

Chamomile tea has been used by many individuals for a variety of stomach-related issues. It can also calm nausea and soothe an irritable stomach, and is an excellent choice for indigestion treatment. One should avoid the consumption of excessive amounts of chamomile however, as it tends to have a sedating effect if taken in large quantities.

Aniseed can be used effectively for treating indigestion. It can be consumed by a small handful or mixed into warm water. Deglycyrrhizinated licorice or turmeric, both in tablet or capsule form may also provide relief. Those with high blood pressure should avoid using the licorice tablets however.

Certain foods can also help bring relief for those suffering from stomach distress. For some individuals, indigestion treatment may be as simple as eating a banana. This is because bananas tend to neutralize stomach acid that is known to cause indigestion. Alternately, the individual may try some dried banana or banana chips.



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