What is the Best Arthritis Remedy?

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Arthritis is a chronic disease, usually progressive, so there is no actual cure for the severe aches and pains it can cause. There are, however, a vast array of methods that will facilitate relief. An arthritis remedy may be both legitimate and helpful, but the market is crowded with alleged “cures” that are useless at best and snake oil at worst. People who suffer from the disease are usually in enough pain that claims of a unique arthritis remedy provide them with hope. Sadly, there are many con artists who are willing to take advantage of that hope, fleecing the afflicted and providing zero results.

The person in search of arthritis remedy should first consult with his or her physician. He will very likely prescribe one of the many drugs that contain acetaminophen. This drug relieves pain, but unfortunately does nothing for inflammation. With acetaminophen, particularly, one should never take more than the prescribed dosage, as such can lead to liver damage.

The physician may also suggest a dosage of ibuprofen, or one of the related non-sterodial, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). Drugs of the NSAID family are available either over-the-counter or in prescription strength. They also pose certain dangers to the patient, such as liver, kidney, or heart damage. The potential for side effects increases the longer one is on the drugs.


Other drugs, much stronger than acetaminophen or the NSAIDs, may prove to be effective arthritis remedies; sometimes even cortisone shots are an option. The efficacy of any arthritis remedy is highly dependent upon the individual, for there is no firm standard as to what works and what doesn’t. Physical therapy, plenty of rest, the use of ice packs and heating pads, weight loss, and even joint replacement can all serve as a possible remedy for arthritis pain.

Home remedies for arthritis are abundant, and in most cases, any success the sufferer might receive is psychosomatic. That said, the placebo effect is powerful, and if one believes that an arthritis remedy works, he may also believe that pain is decreasing. Many of these “home cures” involve the juicing and consumption of beets, carrots, celery, and potatoes. The latter is repeated more frequently than most.

Some people swear that wearing a copper bracelet relieves arthritis symptoms, while others have been known to spray silicone-based nut and bolt loosener on sore joints. Utilizing a spray solvent should be avoided, however, as these compounds can penetrate the skin, leach into the blood system, and cause organ damage.



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