What is the Base Chakra?

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The base chakra is one of the seven metaphysical energy spheres located in a person's body, according to the Hindu religion. This particular chakra is found near the tailbone and is associated with the color red. Also called the root chakra or Muladhara, this chakra controls basic instincts and security. It is an Earth element and is sometimes visualized as a lotus with four petals.

When the root chakra is healthy, it spins very slowly and burns bright red. A dirty chakra can be visualized as a dull, slow orb with brown or black spots clouding it. The energy of this chakra is said to be grounding; it receives energy from the Earth, processes it and pushes it up toward the head and to the extremities. Extra energy is sent back down to the Earth.

People who have problems such as kidney stones, colitis, constipation and impotence are said to suffer from a blocked base chakra. Emotional manifestations of an unhealthy chakra include aggression, fear, and insecurity. On the other hand, those who have a healthy chakra feel secure, positive, strong-willed and courageous.


In the Hindu tradition, people are able to cleanse chakras to restore harmony and balance. In order to cleanse the base chakra, one must meditate and visualize the red, glowing chakra. In the mind, it should get brighter via a bright, white light that slowly descends down the spine through the top of the head. The white light is said to clean the impurities and clouds from the chakras.

Another way to cleanse the root chakra is to do tribal dance, with an emphasis on foot stomping. The feet should make strong contact with the ground as often as possible to cleanse this chakra. After the dance, one must visualize the energy flowing back down through the feet into the ground. This is called "closing the chakra." New Age practitioners may use dancing therapy in addition to chakra cleanses.

There are healers who have specialized Hindu training in chakra cleansing. They might use colored crystals, music, aromatherapy, laying of hands and other techniques to clean a person's chakras. There are no medical licenses to practice chakra healing; it is considered a "new age" therapy. Gemstones related to the chakra include the smoky quartz, ruby, and bloodstone. Essential oils that are used with base chakra cleansing are cedar, cypress, myrrh, and clove.



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