What Is Spray Wax?

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Spray wax is a product that is used to aid in hair styling. When it is sprayed on the hair it provides control so that potentially flyaway hair stays where it is supposed to, and styles keep their appearance. Spray wax can either make hair look sleek and polished or it can be used to provide texture to add body to the hair, depending on how it is applied and managed.

One advantage of spray wax is that in many cases it is a largely natural product, consisting of such ingredients as beeswax and organic oils. It provides a light hold to the hair and allows the user to shape his or her hair into all kinds of styles. This product is good for many styles ranging from a smooth, formal hairstyle to giving a sexy, slightly disheveled look.

To give a boost to thin hair, spray it all over until the hair is slightly damp. The hair can then be gently lifted away from the head, sliding the fingers under each layer and shaking it slightly to give it some body. By using fingers instead of a brush or comb the hair takes on a natural, relaxed look. The light hold of the wax keeps the body without making the hair look unnatural.


A completely different effect can be achieved by applying a coat of spray wax to the hair and smoothing it down. The wax will help hair to hold just about any shape it is molded into, so when it is smoothed and shaped into a more formal style, it will stay that way. The extra shine the wax gives hair adds to the appeal of most styles, and the hair ends up looking natural, not glued in place.

Relaxed styles can easily be achieved by spraying the hair and running the fingers through it from the top down. This has the effect of separating it into various-sized clumps that can be lifted and shaped to give a windblown, tousled look. Strands of hair that are pulled sideways across the rest of the hair will tend to stay that way, because of the holding power of the wax. This creates a very informal look that many find appealing.

Spray wax has gained popularity as people have discovered the many benefits of using a light wax spray instead of heavy, harsh chemical hair sprays. It can be applied to both wet and dry hair, for different looks. Since it gives a much lighter hold than heavy waxes or gels, it doesn’t end up leaving the hair gummy or sticky, and it washes out easily with regular shampooing. Conditioning oils such as avocado and sunflower are an added bonus.



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