What Is Spray-On Hair?

Spray-on hair is a type of beauty product that people with bald spots or thinning hair can spray on their scalp to make their loss of hair less visible. Different brands of spray-on hair have different characteristics, but most are aerosol products intended to result in a matte finish instead of a glossy one. The matte finish is needed so the spray-on hair reflects a minimum amount of light and blends in with actual hair on the scalp. Hair that is sprayed on usually comes in a wide variety of colors to match a person's existing hair color. Some forms of spray-on hair are essentially paint, while others emit tiny fibers that are intended to blend in with hair.

There are several benefits to using spray-on hair. It can be a cheap alternative to getting hair transplants or using other costly procedures or solutions to stimulate hair re-growth or replace lost hair. These procedures can cost a great deal of money, take a lot of time, and be physically painful or uncomfortable. Spray-on hair, if used properly, may look realistic and might fool people into believing the person using it has no hair loss. For people who use it consistently, it may help to improve how they feel about themselves.

One of the disadvantages of "hair" that one sprays on is that it is only a temporary solution to baldness or thinning hair and must be used all the time if it is to keep fooling people. It does not replace real hair or stimulate hair growth and will not withstand shampoo or even water, in some cases. This type of hair product might disintegrate because of sweat, rain or swimming, which can be embarrassing. Depending on which brand of spray is used, it can look very realistic or it can be an obvious attempt to paint over baldness. As a temporary solution that must be repeated, it also can cost a lot of money and can be a hassle.

Spray-on hair also will not work for people who are entirely bald. It only works to cover bald spots or patches. A man who suffers from male pattern baldness over his entire scalp, for example, cannot effectively use spray-on hair. This product also can cause problems if it is not administered correctly, because spraying it in the eyes, mouth, ears or nose can cause discomfort or unintended health problems.


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