What is so Entertaining About a Cruise?

Cruises have come a long way. Many years ago, taking a cruise was more about getting to a destination than enjoying the trip itself. In the last 20 years, however, cruises have become floating resorts, synonymous with luxury and lavishness.

A typical modern cruise has a variety of entertainment options available. From nightclubs to people-watching, there is something for everybody. A cruise usually has different types of entertainment scheduled throughout the day. For example, a Caribbean-bound cruise may have a reggae or salsa band playing poolside, while a winter cruise may offer indoor wine tasting, lectures, or workshops.

At night, most cruises offer a variety of musical entertainment. Aside from background music in the dining room, a cruise usually offers several bars and restaurants where people can sing along in karaoke fashion or enjoy disco dancing or line dancing. Ballroom dancing is a classic on cruises, and many vessels offer lessons before the dancing floor opens up. A warm-weather cruise usually offers deck parties.

Las Vegas-style entertainment is also popular on cruises. Casinos, variety shows, and cabaret acts are featured on some of the larger cruises, and many offer circus performers such as magicians or jugglers. Comedy shows are also common.

For those who prefer a more subdued kind of fun, a cruise usually offers a library and a lounging area, where people can relax to the sound of live piano music. A basic gym is also becoming a staple on the average cruise. While many people choose to play poolside games, some prefer to escape inside for a more traditional workout.

For those with a special interest, there is another type of cruise: a theme cruise. Theme cruises cater to almost every group out there, from aspiring writers to singles to cooking aficionados. On these cruises, most of the activities are based around a single topic. On a weight-loss cruise, for example, exercising and cooking workshops can be the main attraction.

Some companies push the boundaries of what a cruise is all about. The Queen Mary 2, the world's largest and most luxurious cruise ship, features a Canyon Ranch spa, a planetarium, and a basketball court. Such luxuries are becoming more and more common.


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Cruise deals can still be found if you plan ahead. We were a group of ex-pats looking for a place to have a class reunion. Since our class graduated in another country, we figured a cruise would be the best way to celebrate our 20 year class reunion.

The music, the food, the fun opportunities on each island were enough to make the most hardened traveler relax and have a ball. We were a group of world travelers looking for a little piece of heaven and we found it on a 5-day cruise.

What a way to reconnect and make new friends. We're planning another cruise in ten years. Or maybe less!!

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Royal Caribbean Cruises are great for family reunions or special birthdays.

This is what our family reunion looked like: The younger kids loved going to their kiddie programs, Grandma was into her afternoon Bingo and then a pre-dinner nap, dad had a ball out rock climbing with his sons, mom got a facial and a massage while the teens flocked around the pool deck listening to a reggae band drinking virgin pina coladas.

There really is something for everyone. And that's even before you talk about the amazing food or the shopping!

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