What Is Shaving Oil?

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As its name suggests, shaving oil is oil used for shaving. A variety of oils are used for this purpose, particularly oils extracted from plants. Shaving oil can either be used alone or with shaving cream or shaving gel. Along with providing a close and comfortable shave, this oil also has numerous other advantages.

Shaving oil generally is applied to the skin prior to shaving a particular area. Both men and women can use it. Men often use it to shave their faces, while women use it to shave their legs or underarms.

Several oils may be used to make shaving oil. Plant oils, such as coconut oil and almond oil, are common ingredients found in commercial shaving oils. Essential oils may also be mixed in as well.

People can also make their own shaving oil at home. Homemade shaving oils can be made from a number of ingredients from a person's kitchen or bathroom. Olive oil and baby oil, for instance, can both be used for shaving. Scented oils can also be added to a carrier oil for a more pleasant smell.

Many people use shaving oil alone, or without other shaving products like shaving cream. To do this, the oil is simply applied to the skin and the area is shaved. Any excess oil can be wiped or rinsed off.


Shaving oil can also be used with other shaving products as well, and it is sometimes referred to as pre-shave oil when this is the case. The oil is first applied to the skin, then shaving cream or gel is also applied. A person can then shave the area as usual.

Many people believe shaving oil has several advantages. It typically results in a smooth and close shave, for instance, since the oil helps lubricate the skin. Since oil is a natural skin moisturizer, using oil during shaving also helps moisturize the skin, leaving it feeling soft and moist. This type of oil also usually does not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Also, since only a small amount of oil is needed to shave, a package of the product will usually last a long time. This can help save money on expensive shaving creams. Shaving oil, however, is not without its disadvantages. Some people find it is hard to remove the hair from the razor when using shaving oil.



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