What Is Semi-Permanent Eye Makeup?

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Semi-permanent eye makeup is an eye pigment enhancement created by a minimally invasive procedure much like tattooing. This semi-permanent eye makeup tends to fade after approximately three years and if the individual desires, she can elect to have the procedure performed again. The procedure is generally performed in a spa or salon, and complications are generally rare.

Although semi-permanent eye makeup is generally considered safe, the process is not risk free. Individuals can experience allergic reactions, such as swelling or irritation of the eyelids, itching, and pain, In addition, an infection can occur, and if not treated promptly, may lead to permanent damage to tissue or even to vision. The inks or pigments used in the procedure are generally fragrance free and hypoallergenic, so risk of allergic reaction is usually low.

People wishing to have semi-permanent eye makeup applied should understand the pigments are not easy to remove once applied. A skilled professional, such as a physician or an experienced tattoo artist, will need to perform the removal process. Complications can also arise from the removal process, including infection and scarring.


For people who have certain conditions such as birthmarks, alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy, semi-permanent eye makeup can be great for their appearance and self-esteem. Alopecia is a medical condition that causes body-wide hair loss, including the eyelashes and eyebrows. Semi-permanent eye makeup can recreate eyebrows and line the upper and lower lids, making them look less stark as a result of the lack of eyelashes. The same effects can be achieved for those undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Other semi-permanent makeup procedures include those for the lips. People can have semi-permanent or even permanent lip liner or lip stain applied to their lips so that they don't need to apply lipstick anymore. The color should be chosen carefully, however, especially when choosing the permanent procedure. Although some people who choose to have semi-permanent eye makeup applied opt for the eyeshadow procedure, a neutral or skin-tone color should be considered instead of something more garish, considering the permanency of the procedure.

Prior to having the procedure done, the individual should first seek the advice of her physician to make sure that she has no medical conditions, such as allergies, that may complicate the procedure. In the event of an infection, patients may be at risk for complications if they're unable to treat the infection with antibiotics.



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