What is Scrambled Tofu?

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Scrambled tofu is a great breakfast alternative for people who have egg sensitivities or do not eat eggs. Tofu is a bean curd made from soybeans. It is healthy and an excellent source of protein, calcium and iron for vegetarians. Several studies have reported the significant reduction of cholesterol and lowered risk of heart disease in people eating soy proteins.

The Chinese began making tofu around 200 B.C. The technique spread throughout the Buddhist countries, as it was an important source of protein in the religion’s vegetarian diets. Some believe that the discovery was first made accidentally. Soy milk has been made since ancient times so it is easy to extrapolate that when boiling soy grains were mixed with salt high in calcium and magnesium, the mixture began to curdle. The process of making tofu is similar to making cheese from milk.

A big advantage of this healthy food is that it has little taste of its own and becomes chameleon-like when mixed with any food, spices or marinades. It comes in extra firm (least amount of moisture), regular, soft or silken densities. Silken is excellent for sauces and recipes that require a smooth texture. Extra firm tofu is a great choice when preparing scrambled tofu as when cooked it takes on the texture of eggs.


Scrambled tofu can be prepared with a variety of ingredients according to your preference. Tofu can be scrambled in a similar manner to eggs. Oftentimes chopped vegetables, such as potatoes or winter squash, will be included in the cooking. Spike™ garlic, basil or parsley are very complimentary seasonings for scrambled tofu dishes.

Other popular options include vegetarian bacon or vegetarian Canadian bacon in your scrambled tofu recipe. Chopped green onions, green peppers, spinach, mushrooms scrambled with curry powder and cayenne pepper can be wrapped in a flour tortilla or a whole wheat chapatti to make a great scrambled tofu burrito. It can be accompanied with salsa for a nice dipping sauce.

Stuffing a baked potato shell with scrambled tofu is another favorite. Spinach, mushrooms, meat from the baked potato, finely chopped onion, seasoned with turmeric, soy sauce and black pepper round out the ingredients.

Turmeric is a nice choice for coloring. Hand squeezing the tofu rather than crumbling it before cooking will create a texture very similar to eggs. With any scrambled tofu recipe, using a cast iron skillet is preferred to bring out a nice texture and flavor.

Most vegetables can be added to scrambled tofu such as broccoli, celery, corn and red or yellow peppers. Tomatoes or any vegetable that releases moisture is best avoided. Grated soy cheese is a nice added flavor and texture.



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