What is SAT Review?

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SAT review is designed to help people prepare to take the SAT, an examination which is often required for entrance into college in the United States. Colleges which require SAT scores tend to weight students with higher scores more heavily in the admissions process, making it critical to get scores which are as high as possible so that students have a better chance of acceptance at the college of their choice. Students can also access PSAT review, a review for the optional practice SAT, a test which gives students a chance to experience an SAT testing environment without the pressure of the real SAT.

There are a number of approaches to SAT review. Some students prefer to study on their own, while others like to take classes. Home-study materials typically include SAT review books which contain practice tests, sample questions, and a review of the material commonly covered on the SAT. Using these materials, students can take sample tests, identify areas of weakness where they need to improve their skills, and get familiar with the format and style of the test so that they will feel more comfortable. SAT review products can also include things like flash cards to practice vocabulary, math skills, and analogies.


In an SAT review course, students will work with instructors and sometimes other students to prepare for the test. Some students take private classes or tutoring sessions in which they are the only student. They typically take practice tests which are used by the teacher to identify areas in which the student needs improvement, with the teacher providing instruction, drills, and educational exercises to help the student improve. Group classes may follow a similar format, with students sometimes tutoring each other, as one of the best ways to review material is to teach someone who is having trouble with the same material. Students also typically take home flash cards and similar study aids to keep their minds fresh out of class.

The length of SAT review varies. Some students start months in advance, working on small units of material at a time and taking their time to work through review materials and to take numerous practice tests. Others prefer to start a few weeks before the test, and they may focus on test taking skills rather than content, relying on the content they learn in class to carry them successfully through the SAT.

Preparing for the SAT works best when someone finds an approach tailored to their method of learning and memorizing information. Paid SAT review courses can be very helpful and many claim that they will help students boost scores substantially, and students who cannot afford such courses may be able to receive a scholarship or take a free class through a community organization so that they can enjoy the benefits of guided test preparation.



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