What Is Sack Paper?

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Sack paper is tough, durable paper designed for use in wrapping, paper sack making, and similar activities. It is also known as kraft paper, a reference to the process used to make it, rather than a misspelling of “craft.” Many paper suppliers sell sack paper and can order it by special arrangement. It is possible to customize the color and size of an order as needed.

In the kraft process, paper producers soak wood chips in a chemical bath to break up the lignin bonds and create a wood pulp high in cellulose. This can be treated to remove impurities and may also be bleached or dyed if a specific color is desired. Next, the pulp can be spread to make paper. The paper will be porous and coarse, but very strong, and it can come in sheets of a variety of sizes and shapes to meet different needs.

Rolls of sack paper are available for activities like packaging goods, spreading on tables to protect the underlying surfaces, and setting up arts and crafts stations. While this paper is not specifically designed for crafts, it can be used to make large murals, signs, and other projects. Dyed and bleached papers tend to be more suitable for this, as plain brown sack paper can be difficult to work with. It is also possible to print designs on sack paper, and as the name implies, it is commonly used in the production of paper grocery sacks.


Paper manufacturers typically sell a range of sack paper styles, including rolls and sheets in different colors. Some may be treated to make the paper waxy or glossy so it will resist water. It is also possible to order paper bags and other products made from sack paper, either directly from a paper manufacturer or through another company that makes these products. Cost can vary, depending on the types of bags needed and the size of the order.

Consumers who need sack paper for projects may be able to buy it at a craft store or order it from a paper company. If only a short length of paper is needed, a craft store may have large rolls, allowing customers to cut as much as they need. These customers are charged by the length. It may be possible to get a discount for buying the whole roll or the odd sections at the end of a roll.



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