What Is Rice Yogurt?

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Rice yogurt is a creamy dish made from rice grains that resembles traditional dairy yogurt in flavor and texture. It contains the live, active cultures which are the foundational ingredients of all yogurt, including l. acidophilus, b. bifidum, s. thermophilus, and l. bulgaricus. This product is made using the organic milk that can be obtained from whole grain rice, and may be purchased in different flavors made using extracts and fruit.

This type of yogurt is both dairy free and soy free. Some brands are also wheat and gluten free, making it easily digestible for individuals with sensitive food allergies. It is made using whole grain rice and contains live cultures, such as the prebiotic inulin, that aid the body in absorbing calcium. All yogurts contain several probiotic cultures that are designed to stimulate the growth of bacteria that are normally found in the large and small intestines. These cultures are included in every form of rice yogurt and are as beneficial for the stomach and colon as dairy yogurt.


Each serving of rice yogurt can contain as much as 16 grams of whole grains or more, depending on the manufacturer. Most forms also include several grams of protein as well as fiber. This food may be used as a significant source of each kind of nutrient for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Such diets tend to offer limited amounts of protein without the inclusion of meat or dairy. Those who are on such diets for allergy reasons due to an inability to process the lactose and casein naturally found in milk can also benefit from eating this food.

Rice yogurt is available in a wide variety of flavors. The natural, organic ingredients may be served plain, or may be flavored with organic extracts, such as vanilla, and fruit. The additional flavors that can be added to the yogurt, however, tend to increase the dish's overall calorie count. One 6 ounce (170 grams) serving of rice yogurt can contain up to 190 calories, compared with one 6 ounce (170 grams) serving of traditional dairy yogurt which usually has 150 calories or less.

The texture of this dish has been described as less thick in consistency than dairy yogurt. It almost may contain visible portions of rice and fruit, depending on the flavor selected. Coloring ranges between off white and slightly brown, as the product typically does not have any artificial colors.



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