What is Restaurant Interior Design?

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Interior design is a trade that deals with the interior layout of buildings. Restaurant interior design is a specialty in that trade which focuses on the interior of food and beverage facilities. The layout and furnishings of a restaurant play a big role in the success of a business, and this is why professionals are often hired to do the work.

In many cases a restaurateur or corporation will have a concept for a restaurant. The idea alone is not generally sufficient to produce the final product. A restaurant interior design professional is often needed. He may deal with issues such as flooring, wall coverings, and furniture. He usually also has to figure out how things should be placed.

Restaurant interior design generally has two primary focuses. On one hand, the inside of an establishment needs to appeal to the customers. When people do not enjoy an environment, they are not likely to return. Those people are also less likely to spend as much money as they would in an enjoyable environment.

On the other hand, an establishment needs to be arranged so the people who work there can efficiently and effectively do their jobs. Employees’ performances also directly impact profits and success. When people are put into environments where it is difficult for them to perform their duties, there can be a number of negative results, such as accidents and low productivity.


If areas are too congested, servers will have difficulty servicing their customers. The workers in the kitchen must also be considered. If that area is not properly designed, chaos can ensue, which will have a negative impact on business.

Restaurant interior design tends to be greatly impacted by consumer trends. The food and beverage industry is generally required to evolve as people’s preferences evolve. For example, consumers may go through a phase where formal dining is popular. At some point, however, that phase is likely to pass, and casual dining may be preferred. It can be in the best interest of restaurants to reflect that change.

This can be communicated by the layout, decorations, and furniture. A professional who specializes in restaurant interior design is likely to know that casual diners prefer booths to chairs. He may realize that current trends favor bar activity. He may, therefore, design the bar area to be spacious and to accommodate high levels of traffic. Decisions such as the spacing of bar stools and whether or not the stools should be stationary may be part of the decision.

Trends also affect restaurant interior design for the employees. How people eat and what they eat can change what needs to be in a kitchen and where it needs to be placed. At one point, microwaves were not popular in restaurant kitchens in the United States. Now, microwaves are heavily relied on in all types of restaurants. When placing them, a person must consider factors such as the height of the workers, whether they are conveniently placed for the cooks who need them, and whether opening the doors will be a hassle.



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