What is Regression Therapy?

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Regression therapy is a relatively recent form of therapy having its base in a number of therapeutic techniques that predate it. As the name implies, regression is a way of looking backward at the self, through techniques like hypnosis and others. This is thought to facilitate mind, body, spirit connection that can address present emotional suffering, poor choices that are not understood, and disease. It is automatically assumed by some people that regression therapy takes people to past lives, but this matter is under dispute, and not all people who participate in this therapy ever regress to a past life. Instead, they may confront very early memories, including being in the womb or infancy.

The basic premise behind regression therapy is that the mind collects all experience and may even have emotional content at birth. Imprints or tracks occur on the mind, particularly in early years, when it experiences positive or highly negative emotions. These form the person on an unconscious level, and they remain with the person until they are released and relived through therapy. Freeing up these tracks helps free the person, and it is claimed that this process is much quicker than other forms of therapy. A number of techniques might be utilized in creating this sense of release, but emphasis is on reliving experiences or re-experiencing things perceived as trauma.


In the mental health field, there are few therapists who are qualified or specifically trained as regression therapists. A number of the best-known experts in this area have written popular books on the subject, which can be found online or at many bookstores. Some of the most interesting of these discuss what occurs when people regress to a past life. Yet regression therapists of many kinds are quick to point out that such events aren’t that common. Furthermore, past life regression is commonly viewed as doubtful, and many scientists argue such memories are the construction of present life events.

Some mental health and medical practitioners call into question the claims of what regression therapy may accomplish. That release of deeply imprinted negative emotions can avoid or fully cure disease is highly disputed, though most therapists wholeheartedly agree that mind and body are connected. While many mental health professionals see the value of understanding the unconscious past through varying techniques, many also find that some regression therapists may go too far in claims of the disease healing properties of any form of psychotherapy.

Others see no harm and great benefit in this therapy, but suggest people only undergo it with licensed practitioners capable of handling the extreme emotional content that may occur as a result of reliving past experience. They suggest people avoid those only trained as hypnotists. Rather, folks should seek out licensed psychotherapists or psychologists who specialize in regression therapy.



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