What Is Raspberry Fudge?

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Raspberry fudge is a type of sweet dessert or snack food flavored with raspberries and chocolate. Unlike some dense fudges, raspberry fudge usually has a light, truffle-like consistency. Depending on the type of raspberry and chocolate flavoring used, this fudge may have a similar coloring to chocolate fudge, but it can also be a vibrant red or pink color.

Seedless raspberry preserves or jam are most often used as the raspberry element of this fudge. Fresh raspberries, raspberry liqueur, or another type of raspberry flavoring may be used instead, however. When fresh raspberries are used, they are normally pureed first.

Chocolate is also a usual ingredient in this fudge. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are most often used, but white chocolate can substituted or combined with the semi-sweet chocolate. Cream, butter, sweetened condensed milk, or white milk is also used to aid in the final texture of raspberry fudge. Sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla extract are commonly added as well. To ensure a brightly red fudge, red food coloring is sometimes included.

There are several ways to make raspberry fudge. Butter, milk, and sugar may be boiled to a specific temperature indicated by a candy thermometer, and then the chips stirred in. Afterward, the mixture is removed from the heat, and the remaining ingredients are added. Alternatively, the chocolate can be melted with the milk in a microwave or a saucepan. Then, the other ingredients are added.

Still other versions will boil all the ingredients until they reach a specific temperature, then allow the mixture to cool to just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) before beating with a stand or electric hand mixer. Fudge balls can also be made. After the fudge is created, it is chilled, then formed into spheres and rolled in chopped nuts.

Some versions layer a raspberry fudge portion over a chocolate fudge portion. In these versions, the chocolate fudge is made and spread in the bottom of the pan first. That layer is chilled while the raspberry layer is made. Then, the raspberry layer is poured over the chocolate.

Whatever method is used, when the mixture is complete it is normally poured into a square pan. Pans are usually lined with parchment paper or foil to aid in easy removal of the fudge once it has set. Once in the pan, the hot fudge is allowed to cool and harden. Some versions will chill the candy, and some will simply allow it to cool on a counter. After cooling, it can be removed from the pan and cut.


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