What is Quantum Healing?

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Quantum healing is a process by which the body or mind of an individual is healed of illness or discomfort by another who is focusing on channeling his or her energy through the physical bodies. Developed in India, it relies on the movement of energy through a person in order to affect their mind and body. Those who practice it believe that the process makes it possible to cure an illness, not just treat the symptoms.

It is thought that meditation takes the individual to another level of consciousness where he or she experiences a deeper level of thought, consciousness, and energy. In quantum healing, the healer channels this energy into a person suffering from some kind of affliction. This energy is then directed in a method that cures the cause of the illness.

Since quantum healing allows energy to travel throughout the entire person, mind, and body, practitioners testify that the treatment allows for much more than just management of symptoms. The flow of energy is said to go directly to the cause of the problem, and heal not just the outward signs but the entire problem from within both the body and mind. Part of quantum healing states that illness is not just a physical thing, but can be greatly influenced by the mind as well.


The success of quantum healing begins with the belief that everyone and everything in the world is connected. This allows one individual to control and correct the energies that flow through another simply by touch. Similarly, the mind and body also exist as one, allowing for the negativity and illness to simultaneously affect both, as well as the healing process.

Quantum healing has been integrated into a number of different practices. Registered nurses who work in traditional medical or clinical settings have testified to the increased success of more mainstream treatment methods when coupled with quantum healing and touch. Similarly, massage therapists have also found benefits in using the technique in addition to their practice. Many who practice quantum healing on patients, friends, or family have stories about the successes they have seen, with no other way to explain a sudden disappearance of an illness or alleviation of pain.

The method has quickly become popular in the holistic field of medicine, and there are a number of instructors who teach the theory behind quantum touch. As there is no religious significance to the technique, individuals from all walks of life and beliefs can learn the healing technique. Many times, it is taught alongside other healing techniques, such as Reiki.



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