What is Professional Development Software?

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Professional development software is a specific product category designed to meet the continual educational requirements of a range of computer related positions and careers. This type of software is typically designed for use on the most commonly available operating systems or platforms. There are three popular categories of professional development software: computer skills, technology upgrades, or language development.

Many large companies will invest in professional development software packages as a way to provide staff with access to training in a cost effective way. The original cost of the software is the only investment required. Staff may use existing computer equipment to complete the training program. Multiple staff members can use the same software without incurring any further costs.

One of the primary benefits of professional development software is the consistency of the training provided. Every staff member will have experienced the exact same lecture and completed the same exercises. A common feature of this type of software is the ability to log staff time, assignment completion, and final mark. This information can be used to determine if more training is required or to meet specific training program requirements.


Computer skills are an essential part of many jobs, and professional development software is a great method for keeping these skills up to date. As new technology is developed this type of software package is an excellent way to train staff to use advanced functions of a particular software package, or train staff for different roles with the same software. Users typically log in with a unique user name and password, completing lessons at a convenient time.

Technology upgrades are often implemented across a broad range of functional areas simultaneously. In order to provide the training required within a limited time frame, professional development software is distributed to all users. The training program can be customized to focus on specific modules that are applicable to the user or provide a broader, overview training program.

Language development programs are another popular type of professional development software product. The most effective products build on existing language skills, expanding vocabulary and technical terms in another language. This type of software is also used to improve written or oral communication skills in the primary language. The student can repeat the lesson as many times as required to achieve the level of skill required.

This product category is expanding as general acceptance of training software programs and computer skills grow. Although most organizations have a unique aspect to their internal business processes, the general processes are fairly constant across a wide range of firms. Utilizing computer software training in addition to customized courses is a great way to keep staff skills current.



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