What Is Pregnancy Meditation?

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Pregnancy meditation is a practice meant to relieve stress and promote inner calm for a pregnant woman. It is said to calm both the mind and the spirit of a woman who is expecting, but it may provide other benefits as well. For example, some people assert that pregnancy meditation can help relieve some of the physical symptoms of pregnancy that many women find unpleasant. This may include nausea and heartburn as well as such side effects as insomnia. Additionally, some people assert that pregnancy meditation can even help an expectant mother develop a deeper connection with her unborn child.

Like most people, pregnant women do not feel at peace and contented 24 hours a day. Instead, they are subject to the same everyday stresses as others. In fact, pregnant women may sometimes face more stress, worrying about their health and that of their baby, labor and delivery, and caring for their unborn children after they are born. Pregnancy meditation is used to help women feel less stressed and more calm and at peace. When it works as expected, it can help a woman feel a sense of inner calm, allowing her to fully enjoy her pregnancy.


Pregnancy meditation may also have helpful physical effects. Pregnant women are often subject to a host of unpleasant symptoms related to their expectant states. For example, many women suffer from nausea, heartburn, insomnia, fatigue, and headaches. Many people who teach or practice pregnancy meditation assert that it helps with these symptoms and can promote an overall feeling of well-being. Some even state it can help with pregnancy-related complications, such as high blood pressure, that develop while a woman is expecting.

Some meditation experts also describe possible benefits of meditation for a woman's unborn child. For example, some claim meditation helps relax the mother and improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the baby. Many also state that it helps a mother to connect with her baby, nurturing him before he is even born.

Interestingly, some of the people who use pregnancy meditation are not pregnant. Some women use such meditation techniques when they are trying to conceive instead. In such cases, mediation may help a woman to feel less stressed about trying to conceive and promote a state of wellness helpful for conceiving a child. Additionally, meditation may help lower levels of cortisol, which some research shows can increase one's risk of early pregnancy loss.



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