What is Phone Hypnosis?

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Phone hypnosis is a method of performing hypnotic induction over the telephone, or over the Internet via webcam. Phone hypnosis is said to be just as effective as face-to-face hypnosis, since subjects do not generally need to see or be in the presence of a hypnotherapist in order to be hypnotized. Hypnosis over the phone may even be more effective than hypnosis performed face-to-face, since subjects typically remain in their own homes where they can relax more deeply into the hypnotic trance. Telephone hypnosis sessions can give subjects the opportunity to benefit from hypnotherapy performed by any hypnotherapist of their choosing, anywhere in the world, without traveling long distances to receive therapy.

Fees for phone hypnosis are often generally comparable to fees for face-to-face hypnosis. Phone hypnosis, however, can put subjects in touch with any hypnotherapist in the world. It can be especially beneficial for those in remote areas, since it can save travel costs.

Many people seek hypnosis to help themselves make positive life changes. Hypnosis is said to increase confidence and motivation. It can help people quit smoking or lose weight. Hypnosis depends largely on listening to and following the instructions of a hypnotherapist as the therapist guides the subject into a relaxed, hypnotic state. It's not necessary to perform hypnosis in person.


The state of hypnosis is often described as a natural, waking trance state in which the subconscious mind takes over conscious thought processes. This usually results in an intense state of concentration in which the subject is focusing all of his attention on one particular thing. The state of hypnosis is often likened to the state of total mental absorption one might experience while reading an interesting book or driving a familiar route.

Subjects in this state often don't notice external stimuli. Feelings of time distortion are common while in this trance state. One might emerge from the state feeling that little or no time has passed, when in fact hours may have gone by.

Persons experiencing this state of trance are often very suggestible. Subjects under hypnosis often later find that the ideas and suggestions presented during the hypnotic state are much easier to implement than they would be if they had appeared during a normal mental state. New behaviors can form, and subjects may find themselves behaving in new ways unconsciously, without thinking about it. It's considered impossible, however, for hypnotherapists or others to take advantage of this hypnotic state in order to bend another's will. Experts believe that subjects under hypnosis will generally refuse to follow suggestions that contradict their own beliefs or values.



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