What is Performance Management Training?

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Large and small companies use performance management to ensure all employees are meeting their employment goals efficiently and effectively. Managers and human resources professionals utilize performance management training to learn how to track and measure all employees’ progress. Training can be delivered through various mediums, including group seminars, one-on-one sessions, books, networking and online classes.

The personnel involved in performance management training will determine how that training will be structured and delivered. Different staff members will have various performance management needs. A human resources professional will need to learn about performance management, and how to pass that information on to managers. Managers who participate in performance management training will learn how to put the training into action with their staff members.

Performance management training can be delivered by company staff members, or by an outside vendor. If the training class is small, it is usually more cost effective for the class to join an off-site seminar with another company’s employees. If a large group needs training, the company may choose to have the vendor deliver the training in the office. This will save on travel costs and avoid the need to have a large group of people out of the office at the same time.


To save money, companies may also offer training classes online. Online training also saves travel costs. The class itself is generally less expensive than having a vendor deliver the training in person. When an online training class is recorded, employees also have the option of viewing it at their convenience. Staff members may also receive personal, on-site training from a human resource professional, or a mentor within the company.

The content of performance management training can focus on how to lead an entire company, a department, a team, or a single employee. Training usually includes an in-depth review of each step in performance management. Some basic steps include goal setting, building a plan to reach the goals, observation, feedback, evaluating and rewarding performance, and creating a written plan for improvement. Training can also include how to terminate an employee if necessary.

If a company provides performance management training, attendance is generally mandatory for employees who supervise others. By providing training, the company will help ensure that all employees are working effectively and that overall goals are being met. By providing managers with the tools needed to handle performance issues in an appropriate and legal manner, the company can also help protect itself from possible lawsuits.



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