What Is Peach Butter?

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People who enjoy eating jam and preserves may want to try peach butter. This is a type of spread often eaten on toast or biscuits. It consists of fresh peaches, water, and sugar. Some recipes may also call for spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg. Citrus juices are sometimes added to give the finished product a tangy flavor.

This peach product is often made by people who enjoy home canning. It is made by peeling a large quantity of fresh peaches and removing the pits. After this, the fruit can be cooked over low heat until it is very soft, then pureed. The mixture is then cooked again until it becomes thick, which can take two to three hours in most cases.

Sugar is sometimes added to the homemade peach butter while it is cooking. This keeps the butter from having a tart flavor when it is done. Some cooks add a little water to the mixture whenever it becomes too thick, while others thin the preserves down with orange or lemon juice. Spices, such as nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon, can be added to suit individual taste.

When finished, this peach product is usually red or orange in color. The exact shade can depend on what other ingredients have been added as well as the variety of peaches used. Peach butter is normally slightly thicker than regular butter but thinner than jam.


Some types of peach butter are very sweet, and others are not. This largely depends on how much sugar was used to prepare the butter. Most varieties are not tart, even when lemon or orange juice has been used in the mixture. Sugar-free varieties may contain an artificial sweetener, so people with diabetes may want to try one of these kinds.

Many people eat peach butter on toast or biscuits as a part of their breakfast. Others may spread this peach product on waffles or pancakes. It could also be enjoyed on bagels, muffins, or croissants. The spread could also be used along with peanut butter to make a sandwich.

Although peaches are thought of as a summertime treat, peach butter can be enjoyed any time of year. This is because this product keeps well if stored in a refrigerator after being opened. People who are looking for a unique and flavorful product may want to try this spread for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.



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