What is Organic Maca?

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Organic maca is a plant whose root is used for medicinal purposes in various locations around the world. The root is also consumed as foot product, and it resembles a radish in appearance. In order for maca to be termed organic, it must meet certain guidelines and regulations.

Maca is often used as an energy boost and sexual enhancer. It has been shown to cause increased libido in men and women, although there is no evidence to suggest it alters hormone levels in any way. Maca has been used since ancient times, and it was once thought it provided warriors with superior strength during battle.

Foods which are called organic must undergo stricter regulations that non-organic food, although the exact qualifications may vary based on location. In the United States, for instance, anything labeled as USDA certified organic must be made with at least 99% organic ingredients. Items listed simply as organic must have mostly organic ingredients, although not all ingredients will be organic.

If a food is organically grown, it is grown without the use of pesticides or hormones during the growing process. This cuts down on the toxins entering the body and soil. Organic maca, then, is maca grown without the use of toxic pesticides or hormonal additives.


Studies have been conducted on organic maca in more recent times and have shown that when consumed in large amounts, it helps to increase a man’s sperm count and improve his sperm’s motility. This may lead to major breakthroughs in the treatment of infertility. Semen quality and amount may also rise in correlation to how much organic maca is consumed.

Many herbs are not studied extensively for safety or effectiveness, and maca is no different. No reported side effects or adverse reactions have been reported, but the potential for side effects always exists. There are also no reported drug interactions so far. Organic maca can be eaten, extracted for juice, or taken in supplement form.

When first beginning a maca regimen, it is advised to start out slowly to see how the body will react to the herb. Although no adverse reactions have been reported, there is still a slight chance of a reaction developing in someone at some time. Dosage can be lessened if increased libido becomes bothersome, and possibly increased to enhance the effects. Consumers are advised to talk with a medical professional before taking any new supplement or medication.



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