What Is Organic Eyeliner?

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Organic eyeliner is a type of eye makeup that uses natural products instead of chemicals. It is made by many companies and can vary in price. Consumers sometimes use organic eyeliner to avoid toxic or carcinogenic ingredients that can penetrate the skin and get into the bloodstream. Choosing an organic eyeliner is one way for people to be sure that harsh metals and the like aren't present in their makeup.

Typical eyeliner is made with various types of chemical products. It might include ingredients such as sorbic acid, Pphenyl trimethicone, polyethylene and more. Organic eyeliner, on the contrary, typically includes natural products such as organic beeswax, castor oil, soybean oil, olive oil and oil from aloe leafs. Many people consider these organic products to be less harmful to put on their skin.

Makeup has been a staple for many women and some men for years, and eyeliner itself dates to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used eyeliner both for aesthetic reasons and for eye protection, because it was believed that darkening the area around the eye helped prevent sun damage. Ancient Egyptians also believed that dark eye makeup would help prevent ocular illnesses. Both women and men created stark, dark lines around their eyes with what is known as kohl eyeliner.


Kohl eyeliner was made mostly from iron but is now made with more safe ingredients. It is in a powder form and comes in stick form as well as a pressed or loose powder in compacts. Kohl eyeliner is much like powder eyeliner, both of which almost always come in dark, matte shades such as black, gray and deep brown.

The most common type of eyeliner used is the waxy type. Typically, this wax-based makeup is sold in pencil or stick form, but it also can be found in containers and applied with a brush. Wax-based eyeliners come in many more colors than the other types and are found in most shops for an affordable price. Another favorite type of eyeliner for people who are looking to obtain thin, neat lines is liquid eyeliner. This type usually is applied with a brush or a fabric applicator, and it typically comes mostly in black or shades of brown.



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