What Is Oil-Free Primer?

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Oil-free primer is a type of cosmetic that acts as a barrier between a person’s skin and any makeup used. This particular beauty product is most commonly used for oily skin types, but it is also beneficial for extremely dry patches. Using a makeup primer depends largely on a person’s skin type, but it is also the most appropriate for different beauty looks that involve numerous cosmetics. Oil-free primer is especially useful against excess oil on the face, which is beneficial for individuals with oily and sensitive skin. Make-up specialists often use a primer for all over the face, while other versions are used solely for the eyelids.

Using a primer is generally the most helpful for people who have oily skin. This skin type is marked by excessive sebum from the sebaceous glands, which causes oiliness and shininess throughout the day. As a result, make-up has the tendency to roll off of the face due to the oils from the pores. An oil-free primer helps to keep sebum at bay while also preventing make-up from coming off of the face. Individuals with this skin type should also consider using other oil-free products to reduce sebum production, as well as to properly cleanse and hydrate the skin to prevent acne breakouts.


Dry skin types usually do not have to worry about excess sebum, so an oil-free primer might not seem like the most useful beauty product. Flaky patches on the skin, however, can benefit from this type of product on individuals with dry skin. When makeup is applied to the face, it tends to gather in dry spots instead of blending in with the skin. Using an oil-free primer before applying makeup can help to prevent this effect and give the face an overall smoother appearance.

Such oil-free primers also come in different sizes and types for use in certain areas of the face. Some of the most common primers are used for all over the face, and they are meant to be applied after a moisturizer but before foundation. Liquid versions of foundation benefit immensely from an oil-free primer, since they are more likely to cause streaking and blotchiness in dry areas of the face. Another common type of primer is designed to keep eye make-up in place and to prevent shadows from creasing. Eyelid primers are beneficial for all skin types, so long as users are not sensitive to a particular product’s ingredients.

Products that are labeled oil-free are generally water-based, as opposed to more hydrating versions that contain emollients. Oil-free beauty products do not carry the risk of creating excess sebum as other types do. Consumers who are prone to breakouts might consider looking for an oil-free primer that is also deemed as non-comedogenic to reduce the risk of breakouts.



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