What is New Media Marketing?

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New media marketing is a relatively recent form of marketing that many businesses today are taking full advantage of. Within recent years, it has come to the attention of millions of businesses around the globe that the Internet is an extremely lucrative advertising tool. Thus, these businesses are now relying upon various Internet mediums to announce, project, and sell products.

Blogs, social media outlets, review sites, podcasts, and video productions are all forms of new media marketing. In order to understand why these methods help businesses sell products, it's important to return to the time when all forms of online media were just beginning. While the exact date and time of the first blog or podcast is uncertain, what is certain is the fact that consumers found a way to communicate with one another openly and honestly by using the Internet.

As soon as one consumer posted an opinion about a product or service on a blog or social media platform, millions of other consumers quickly agreed with, or disputed, this opinion. For awhile, the blog, social media, and overall Internet world was free of any traditional forms of advertising. Then, companies realized that joining in Internet discussions could be a cost-effective way to advertise.

This is precisely when new media marketing was born. From the moment that companies realized that the Internet could be used as an effective marketing tool, company representatives began to create blogs, answer consumer questions, dispute complaints, and set up social media websites. Statistics quickly showed that consumers were more than happy to stand behind a product that they loved, while consumers that were new to a product trusted the opinions of fellow Internet users.

Consumers can post opinions, speak with one another, and recommend products freely on the Internet, which is more than fine with those companies enjoying free advertising. However, those consumers that aren't happy about certain purchased products and services also voice their opinions. As a result, these individuals post negative comments on blogs, social media platforms, and on review websites.

There has been some criticism surrounding new media marketing strategies. Critics of new media marketing do not believe that this form of advertising is as unbiased as it may seem. It is frequently assumed that some companies masquerade as legitimate consumers posting positive reviews about their own products. Regardless, new media marketing continues to grow in popularity due to positive results.


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