What Is Nedocromil?

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Nedocromil is a medication that comes in two forms, and each has a different use. When used in an inhaler, the drug relieves symptoms related to asthma, such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and other breathing difficulties. The medication also comes in the form of eye drops that help with symptoms associated with allergic reactions that affect the eyes.

When inhaled, nedocromil acts as an anti-inflammatory drug. The medication works by blocking the release of certain natural substances in the body that cause asthma attacks and other lung inflammation problems. When used by asthma patients, the drug usually is administered with an inhaler device.

This drug is also available in eye drop form. The eye drops are classified as an anti-allergy medication, and they function by inhibiting the release of natural chemicals that cause allergic reactions. People use the medicinal eye drops to relieve symptoms such as itching, burning, watering, and inflammation of the eyes.


Nedocromil is typically available only by prescription, regardless of the form. Consultation with a doctor is critical before using the medication. Doctors likely will ask questions about a patient’s medical history and current health issues to ensure that use of the drug is appropriate. Patients also should provide their physician with a list of all other current medications to help prevent dangerous drug interactions and other unintended effects. A woman should inform her doctor if she is or plans to become pregnant because the physician may think that use of the medication is inappropriate during pregnancy.

There are a number of side effects related to the use of nedocromil. When inhaling the drug, the most common side effects are dry mouth, unpleasant aftertaste, headache, and nausea. Typical side effects from the medicinal eye drops include heightened sensitivity to light, blurry vision, headache, and eye irritation. If any other adverse reactions occur or side effects become especially bothersome, it is best to inform a health care professional. Some people may have severe allergic reactions to the medication, and seeking immediate medical attention is important if an allergic reaction occurs.

It is important to use the proper amount of nedocromil. Patients should follow a doctor’s dosage instructions precisely to obtain the best possible results from the medication. Increasing or decreasing doses without first seeking advice from a physician is not advised. People also should read all packaging and labels included with the medication carefully to ensure that they know how to correctly use the drug and prevent complications.



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