What is Natural Raw Food?

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Natural raw food is food that is completely uncooked and unprocessed. Herbs and spices are usually not added for flavor, and it typically requires little to no preparation before consuming. Some things that are generally considered natural raw food are fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These foods must be eaten exactly as they are found in nature to be considered raw food.

There may be many benefits connected to eating raw food instead of cooked food. When food is cooked, the heat could reduce much of its nutrient content. Beneficial vitamins, minerals, and enzymes may be eliminated, and as a result the body might feel the need to eat more food to make up for the lack of nutritional value. Some people suggest that a raw food diet is the answer to obesity, because it takes less raw food to meet the body's nutritional needs. Over time, cravings and overeating may cease to be a problem if the body is getting the proper balance of nutrients.


Living foods are often closely associated with natural raw foods. The primary difference between raw and living foods is that the latter are typically seed sprouts and have a higher level of nutrients, thereby potentially making them even more beneficial to health. As so-called baby plants, sprouts tend to be full of not only beneficial enzymes, but also a large number of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These extra nutrients help sprouts grow to become healthy, full-grown plants. Many people make an effort to consume lots of living food because they believe it could greatly improve health and prevent disease.

A large number of people who try to exist solely on raw and natural foods are also vegan. People who consider themselves vegan do not eat meat or any other food that contains ingredients derived from animals, including milk products and eggs. This differs slightly from the vegetarian lifestyle because vegetarians omit meat but allow other animal-derived ingredients. Not all vegans limit themselves to natural raw food. Many people who follow this method of eating cook a great deal of what they eat and enjoy baked breads and desserts on a regular basis.

Skeptics of the natural raw food diet claim that studies show food cooked with steam loses only about 10 percent of its nutrients, not 50 percent as many raw food followers suggest. The majority of nutrients are probably lost when food is barbecued or fried because these methods of cooking require the highest temperatures. Some foods, such as corn and tomatoes, may have higher levels of beneficial antioxidants after being cooked. Many food experts say there are disadvantages associated with existing on either cooked or natural raw food alone, and that it is healthy for a person to include both types in their daily diet.



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