What is Music Editor Software?

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Music editor software is a type of computer program that typically allows a user to import, edit, manipulate, and export audio information such as vocal and music recordings. These types of programs are usually designed for use in the music and recording industry, though they can often be used for home applications such as home recording studios or for creating sounds and music for personal use. Music editor software can be fairly expensive professional programs with a large suite of features and tools, as well as freeware designed to allow a new user to begin editing and manipulating sound files on his or her computer.

One of the most common uses for music editor software is in creating music or editing recorded music. Such editing can usually be done either through a keyboard that works as a direct input source for the computer and program or with recorded music imported into the program. Digital music recordings can often be edited or cleaned up using these types of programs, and such work is commonly performed both for professional recordings and in home recording studios.


Music editor software can also be used to alter or edit recorded vocal audio. This can be important for animation or video games where a great deal of voice-over work is recorded and edited together to be combined with the visuals in the show or game. Someone looking to get into voice recording can also use this type of program to put together a demo reel or sample recording to showcase his or her work.

Audio editing can be as simple as removing a bit of distortion or audio flaws in a recording, or more complicated and involve putting together a final piece of music from a number of disparate individual elements. Music editor software typically allows a user to achieve these tasks through a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides the user with information and tools for easy use. Sound or music is often displayed in wave form and can be listened to while viewing the visual representation of the music.

A simple yet useful GUI often enables users of music editor software to see the music and visually look for spikes in sound or flaws in quality. This can also allow a user to “physically” move sections of music or sound around on a record track. These types of features often make layering of different audio elements and piecing different sounds together simpler and more precise.



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